anderson .paak – Am I Wrong ft. ScHool Boy Q

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anderson. paak has put his foot in a genre that seems like it shouldn’t exist. Pulling together funky disco with R&B and Hip-Hop – thanks to ScHool Boy Q‘s contribution – Am I Wrong is a some real black magic that pulled together these oils and waters into a blend of new and great.



Bonus, because it dropped the same day:


Avenue – Hot Slow Wind

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.27.06 AMIt’s great to see Toronto’s music scene gaining more and more ground every year, especially the electronic scene that seems to be spilling over from Montreal.

Avenue has started to take a stab at original tracks and thank goodness for that, because he certainly is doing it right! Hot Slow Wind his second original, is perfect, the passing is reminiscent of Kavinsky’s Drive soundtrack, but the music is far from base and synth, the track makes you crack a smile and shed a tear at the same time.


nvdes – Fela

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 3.03.50 PMFela is the third single from nvdes, the cantaloupe is finally being cut and we’re getting to some sweet juicy tunes! (Not to say the past have been bad)

Fela is a soft pop ride with rhythm that rolls out into a controlled dance party that you can take part in at your leisure.





D.A. Wallach – Time Machine [Album]

static1.squarespaceThe story to how I found out about D.A. was quite recent, road tripping across Canada a friend threw on Glowing. Catching my attention instantly as it seemed a reincarnation of the Beatles, blended with our modern pop music era.

It’s pretty easy to say the Beatles is a huge influence throughout D.A.’s album Time Machine, a series of ballads with sprinkled new age indie-pop. All of which place a sober giddy joy of sorts in the air as they play. The only song that didn’t follow the formula was the song disaster which seemed much more new age pop, and in a way stuck out the most in a good way.

If you haven’t listen to his whole album below, its worth a listen!

Death In The Afternoon – We Don’t Have To Go Out Tonight

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 1.15.51 PMSometimes you have to keep throwing tracks at the internet until something sticks. That seems to be the case with the Swedish group Death In The Afternoon, their latest track We Don’t Have To Go Out Tonight is catchy, and preaches a solid message. They have released a few originals and remixes, the next best listen would have to be Let’s Talk. Both of these tracks beckon a sound they should stick with to keep their listeners happy.