Pooltheory – The Dreamer

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Finding those mysterious new artists is always an amazing feeling, Pooltheory is just that – a mystery.

We know the artist(s) is from Los Angeles, but other than that, all we know is Pooltheory knows how to make superb dream-pop.

Take a chill pill with this one, and hold your breath for some more info on the artist.

Drake – Just Hold On We’re Going Home (LUCA LUSH Remix ft. Kim Vallido)



I went through a stint where I enjoyed Drake a lot, too much, but that phase quickly fell when everyone and their grandmother played his music. Lately I’ve found myself appreciating covers of his music, specifically Hold On We’re Going Home. Nearly anyone can put their twist on the song, showing not only that the original is transferable through genres, but also that it is a well written song. Two years later artists are still taking a stab at their own version. Luca Lush not only took a stab, they beat the original to a pulp, with some on point vocals from Kim Vallido, and some perfect bass, and synths.


More covers? why not, ASTR, We Are Twin, Holy Ghost!, and Wild Cub. All of which are superb, bringing their own style and pazzazz to the already iconic song.

Bad Wave – Look Out

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Straight from the West Coast, Bad Wave released what seems like their first song, and damn is it going to be a summer hit. The electro-pop tune has some hints of Holy Ghost! and some very familiar vocals that I can’t put my finger on. Honestly, it doesn’t matter because Bad Wave just may be my summer anthem.


Miami Horror – Love Like Mine feat. Cleopold



Miami Horror announces the release of a brand new album with this funk instilled single Love Like Mine. It’s been almost a year since we’ve heard from the group last, and it’s good to hear they are sticking with their summer-disco style, but putting some of that modern flare we hear and love from so many other modern funk artists.



Sailors – Uptown Funk (Sailors Remix)

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Sailors add their special touch to Mark Ronson’s hit Uptown Funk, ft. Bruno Mars. As you guessed it Sailors made Uptown Funk stomach-able, after hearing it a billion times on the radio, it’s almost unrecognizable from the original. That my friends, is why Sailors special touch makes them so fantastic!


Declan Mckenna – Brazil

B9hDVeDIcAEvHHHTalent, potential, maybe even righteousness, and more, oozes from this 16 year old known as Declan Mckenna. Releasing his first song via soundcloud, as so many artists do nowadays, Brazil stands alone for this bourgeoning artist. Brazil is a reminiscence of a rock lost to fancy electronic bleeps. Brazil brings me back to the early days of The Strokes, or The Kooks. Declan Mckenna is far from done, and he better, in fact, he must make more songs!


Penguin Prison – Never Gets Old

urlPenguin Prison just released this solid original! I’ve always had a small music crush on Chris Glover, the New York man behind Penguin Prison. Solely because he produces amazing electropop, remixes awesome tunes, and collaborates with some super people.. make that three reasons. Never Gets Old has to be up with the rest of his originals, next to my all time favourite ‘Don’t Fuck With My Money‘. A must listen!