Sweater Weather



Fall has hit us like a ton of bricks, within the span of a day I went from shorts and a T, to jeans and a sweater. I’m excited for the change but not looking forward to the longevity of what is Canadian winters.

Brew up a batch of your favourite tea or coffee, throw on your favourite sweater and enjoy the fleeting moments of deck weather with this laid back fall playlist.

DEATHS – Lonewolves

avatars-000068483266-chfd4i-t500x500Don’t let the name scare you away, yeah both are a little dark and depressing – but in an upbeat way if that makes any sense.  DEATHS has created a weird upbeat version of The XX, which is a very good thing!

The whole song is actually re-listenable and has some substance to the whole.  In one fell swoop the song resembles a good, upbeat, kicking, version of XX.

Tv on the Radio – Happy Idiot



The group Tv on the Radio is back, dropping their first single from their upcoming album Seeds. The group was notorious in my high school years for producing prime “long boarding to” music, that stigma still sticks with me today.  Glad to see TVOTR are still making perfection in music, and making me crave that long board!


Forever Summer



I believe if Sounds of Space were to hold something dearest – aside from great music – it would be an unbridled love for Summer and everything it encompasses.  The outdoors, friends, good times, excitement, and sunshine, are just the beginning.

Summer lasts forever in many parts of the world, but it’s the fact as Canadian’s we only get it for half a year. It’s that coming and going relationship that let’s us really take advantage of Summer.

Yet we will always hope for that Forever Summer, so here is a playlist to keep the sunshine warm!

Saint Motel – My Type EP [Review]

avatars-000099144292-8ndu48-t500x500For those of you who have difficulties multitasking and can’t listen and read at the same time, the whole of Saint Motel’s My Type EP is worth the listen. Over, and over, again, and again.

The group from LA have been around for a few years now, and to be honest were a very hit and miss group when it came to their songs.  However saying that when the group first released their single My Type over a year ago, and then Ace in the Hole a few months later, and more recently Cold Cold Man. We just knew the group had found that magic concoction they were looking for.

That leaves us with this brilliant four piece EP – yes we can count – leaving the last Midnight Movies as the final piece to unveil the release.  A little more Indie Rock the song still boasts that pop summer vibe Saint Motel brings with the rest of their songs.


Although 3/4 of this EP has seen the light of day for some time, the overall mix of this EP is a must listen, and a great way to close off the final days of summer.