Mikky Ekko – Smile (Hippie Sabotage Remix)



If you’re a fan of the the Neighbourhood, you’ll dig this remix by Hippie Sabotage. The original is there, and if you’re into that cool, but it’s a whole different cup of tea than this remix.  Maybe because it’s near Halloween, and spook is in, or maybe because it’s just dope.  I dunno, so smile and enjoy.



Meanwhile OST – All For The Taking



Meanwhile OST released this little electro-pop tune a week ago, but only recently being publicly available on SoundCloud.  The build up is catchy as hell, shifting gears near the end into some rock-esk guitar solo that is just aggressive enough to be completely acceptable, and wait worthy!



RiSeSSion – Boxing With God [Review]

avatars-000104153465-krs121-t500x500Local artist RiSeSSion recently released his debut mixtape Boxing With God.  The mixtape itself will grab your attention with its solid antonym genre of new-old school hip-hop.  The whole blends together perfectly, it’s the variance of beat, and lyricism, that changes with each song that keeps me hooked.  But hey! Let’s do a double review, why not? Welcoming back to SoS, Gabe Braun!

Its yer’ Boi Gabe. Back on SoS doin’ a review. This evening after I slowly sipped my SOLA-NERO, RiSeSSion chimes in exclaiming: ‘One hell of a night, one hell of a morning’. Yes RiSSeSSion, I strongly agree with you; it really has been. With a unique voice, and flow, I was very impressed with most of the songs. When I say I was impressed, I was VERY impressed.


However, when I was disappointed, by things like the somewhat over saturated beats, I felt the urge to quickly reach for the skip button. Despite the urge, I listened to the entire mixtape multiple times, finding more and more appealing aspects of the mixtape the more I listened.  The well ordered track list filled with profound lyrics, actually had me frustrated hearing frivolous fillers peaking through. Overall, I would highly suggest listening to ‘Maple Syrup’ and ‘Mattress’, because when these capture your attention, like I know they will, it will have you anticipating what to expect next from RiSeSSion. Check out his whole mixtape here on Soundcloud



THE NIGHT VI – Heroine

TN6-Heroine-640x587This song may be some kind of illuminati hidden ad for heroine, because after listening to it she sounds daaammn fine!

Seriously though, those vocals alone shatter the meek, those instruments are on point, and each could stand alone, but nope! They’re here together as THE NIGHT VI, providing us with a weird infatuation of the group as they constantly release top tier music!

If you haven’t heard any of their previous music I’d attempt to give you a link to just one song, but it may be best just to check it all out on their Sound cloud Page HERE.

BØRNS – 10,000 Emerald Pools



With a name sounding like it hailed a viking ship straight from Scandinavia, BØRNS actually resides in California (The more you know).  His first single 10,000 Emerald Pools is making its rounds across the internet – as it should.  A gorgeous Glam Electric rock tune, there will undoubtably be further from this talent.


TORA – Eat The Sun [Album Review]



Looking for a chill/electro album to meander about to? TORA has that niche, i’ve probably listen to the whole album about four times already just studying for midterms, making breakfast, walking around – it’s just an overall good vibe album for any situation!  If you only have time for one song (shame on you) I personally recommend Never With Me, the last track is damn near infectious!


HAIM – My Song 5 (movement Version)

8325633299e9aeb7e2d97458bb8eb0173ae4e5686ba9743e8f099c1f4e95b4bbfb1a8141.png.512x512-2There has been allot going on with HAIM’S song 5, the original which shook the core of their whole album – in a good way! Then all of a sudden a collaboration re-work was released featuring A$AP Ferg, which rightfully erased the original practically out of existence.

Finally(?) HAIM released a ‘movement version’ and this right here may not rock your core but it certainly will blow your bass and slow down time for its 4 minute run time.