Corbin aka Spooky Black – Worn

spookyCorbin aka Spooky Black aka Li’l Spook is back with Worn. The echoey song is filed with watery, angelic vocals as is to be expected from what has previously been heard from Corbin. The Soundcloud includes a free download.

If this is your first time hearing of him go ahead and download everything you can find of him, and most definitely check THIS out.


of Montreal – Bassem Sabry

montreal-2015If you have any idea who of Montreal is you are either a devout follower, or you know they are a very, very, hit or miss band. The group treads the line of experimental so tightly it’s hard to completely grasp what is actually occurring in many of their songs.

The group just released Bassem Sabry in an announcement of ‘Aureate Gloom’ their upcoming album coming out early March 2015. Take a listen and if this catches your digs than it’s easy to say you should check out more of their tunes.  If not, this is one of their more ‘normal’ songs and well, maybe take a few narcotics and it will tickle your fancy.

Kaytranada – About Da $


I could listen to this all day. Kaytranada uses Yung Thug a cappella samples as well as T.I. in his beat and creates a gritty pop-rap masterpiece. The Montreal based producer/DJ created something in About Da $ worthy of  being played on yachts worldwide. Play it LOUD and download it HERE.

Empire Of The Sun – Wandering Star

Empire-Of-The-Sun-2013-Universal-MusicEmpire Of The Sun have been a real 50/50 chance for myself, with their first album being magnificent, and their latest being subpar. I had Walking On A Dream on replay for far too long. Walking On A Dream was sampled by Wiz Khalifa which very much stole the originals lime light for many – both were top notch.

Here we go with what sounds like a return to the sound we all loved, reminiscing on their original album It sounds like Empire of the Sun are going in the right direction with this one. Oh, except it’s being show cased by Dumb and Dumber 2.. you can take that as a good, or a bad thing.

Sonny Digital – Good

sonnydigital Recently successful producer Sonny Digital kills it with his new track Good. Showing that he is more than just a producer. Im a huge fan of hearing producers rap on their own stuff, in this case it turned out to be FUCKING AWESOME. He is mostly known for his work with Makonnen on the song Tuesday, which was remixed by Drake, putting the two in the spotlight. If you have not heard that yet, DO SO NOW HERE.



Club goin’ up on a Tuesday.


Hippie Sabotage – WAITING TOO LONG

MI0003746039Hippie Sabotage have been consistently producing beautiful house/trance music, each song has that perfect amount of step. Either sitting around, or getting ready to party, Hippie Sabotage hits it on the head with all their remixes, and originals especially.

WAITING TOO LONG still has that HS feel, but slows things down – and damn is it sexy has hell! This fresh tune melts you, with the ambient wave sound constantly in the back ground, guitar flutter, and that bass!