SpOoKy SoUnDs



Tis the day for scares, frights, and fears! Whatever your reason this playlist will add some SpOoOOoOoKy to your day, whether pre-drinking for that sexy costume party, pumping up to go hustle some treats, or you want to be the cool house in the neighbourhood playing modern spooky music – non of that ‘haunted house sounds’ CD your parents bought.  Stay scary.



Alt-J – Left Hand Free (Lido Remix)



If you loved Alt-J you probably still do, but if you’re like the most of us and find the song is getting a little over saturated nowadays.  This remix may revive the life of this classic just a little bit longer.

Oh, and don’t be thrown off by the dispensable break down during the chorus, they don’t last long.



Carpenteers – Disposable [Review]

a3217470336_10Local group Carpenteers hailing from SoS home town Belleville just released their debut album Disposable via Band Camp. 

The group is very much garage/rock, and that sound is evident in their album, raging guitar, and distorted charred vocals.  All in all, producing an album totally in sync with itself.  Garage music isn’t dead, and that is evident with the Carpenteers, and growing ensemble of grass roots artists picking up the genre.  The group knows its sound, this album shows that, and I can easily see this album as a stepping stone for the group in the future.

Take a listen below, or if you’re lucky, check them out tonight in Toronto, at the Hard Luck Bar opening for Twin Peaks, a personal favourite of mine! Totally Jealous I can’t be in Toronto for the show.

Black Coast – TRNDSTTR Feat. M. Maggie



All around NYC based song right here. Black Coast and M. Maggie are new on the seen, dropping this conductive trend setter of a tune.  A lo-fi beat and synths keep the beat rolling with Maggie on top. No question their will be more from Maggie in any department, whether further features, or a solo — no denying her vocals make this tune stand way out!


HAERTS – No One Needs To Know

HAERTS-HAERTS-608x608I’ll be honest, I was one of the band wagon jumpers of HAERTS when they anonymously released Wings.  The group exploded when their identity was released everyone was eagerly waiting for more, more, MORE!

Well they had a large following, they released songs that (in my opinion) fell short of their original, all being relatively similar.

Here we go with a new twist from their upcoming album, No One Needs To Know is a fresh tune that awakens the groups original vigor so many loved.

Mikky Ekko – Smile (Hippie Sabotage Remix)



If you’re a fan of the the Neighbourhood, you’ll dig this remix by Hippie Sabotage. The original is there, and if you’re into that cool, but it’s a whole different cup of tea than this remix.  Maybe because it’s near Halloween, and spook is in, or maybe because it’s just dope.  I dunno, so smile and enjoy.