Satin Jackets – Shine On You



Usually after finding a song of which I don’t recognize the artist, I take my time to creep their sound cloud page and listen to previous works (if there are any). Satin Jackets genuinely confused and disoriented me with the insane amount of collaborations and work they have strewn about their Sound cloud page. Seeing as it may take a day or two to dig through their page and give a detailed report – enjoy their latest release Shine On You.





The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack was undeniably the best movie soundtrack of 2014, with its amazing underrated soft-rock and soul music that made me yearn for a decade I had never experienced, but tasted with their Awesome Mix Vol.1 — if you happened not to take note of the soundtrack you can check it out here.

You could say I was inspired, so I combed through my classics playlist and built an oddly pleasing playlist, that any true 70’s kid would hopefully approve of… hopefully.

I spent way too much time making this playlist, every song (like Vol. 1) is from the 60’s and 70’s, and it’s assumed it was on a 60 minute cassette.

Republic Cucumber Magazine – Asylum

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 11.52.49 AM


Don’t let the name fool you, Republic Cucumber Magazine is neither a magazine, or a fool hardy parody group. The Australian based group has only released one song on their SoundCloud page as of yet, but blimey is it incredible! Soothing, infectious, and perfectly repetitive, the consistent riff and drum beat rock you through the whole song with some amazing vocals.


Petite Noir – Shadows

petite-noirSouth Africa is quickly becoming a hub of ‘up and coming’ in every respect, including music. Saying that Die Antwoord is probably the first artist to come to your mind, but get that out of your head, Petite Noir is the name to remember. Shadows is the latest release, mixing some great high pitched rock elements with an R&B-esk style.

Check out his other great songs here.


Hodgy Beats – What’s Yours

hodgybeatsWhat’s Yours is an enticing teaser of what we can expect to come from Hodgy Beats on his upcoming mixtape Dena Tape 2. The short track consists of pure bars, over a Marvel Alexander production that goes HARD.

I mean, I would say its fairly hard to make a song that is a minute and a half long and demands to be played on repeat.

Make sure to watch out for Dena Tape 2.

RAC – Cheap Sunglasses (ft. Mathew Koma) (Acoustic Live)



Easily the best and most catchy tune off of RAC’s latest album Strangers. Cheap Sunglasses is presented live acoustically, which is more than breath taking for how well the track sounds. This shows how well RAC can articulate music, producing such well received electronic pop, and quickly turning it into a completely new genre, let alone an acoustic cover.



Just for kicks, here is the original if you are unfamiliar.