OnlyReal – Y e s t e r d a y s


‘It’s in the way we were made, yesterdays’

Every song OnlyReal puts out is a serious joy, a summer hew, with those indistinguishably unique vocals.  Crushing cans on the beach, or driving down a deserted road, this song is built for summer days – in fact every song he produces seems to be, if you’re impartial check out his past hits Cadillac Girl, looking for more? You know where to look – OnlyReal Soundcloud Page here!



Broncho – Just Enough Hip To Be Women [Album Review]

Broncho-Just-Enough-Hip-Woman-ReviewI’ll be honest when I say I have never actually pre-ordered an album before, but Broncho took that away from me. They wet my whistle with such pristine singles as Class Historian, I had no choice but to pre-order their album Just Enough Hip To Be Women.  It was a shot in the dark, but when that album arrived and I put the needle to the vinyl, I was enthralled in each song, anticipating the next, but not wanting each to end.

The whole album is a perfect rendition of a fuzzy pop-rock sound, that fits neatly for any situation.  The eleven tracks on the new record are a potent statement of intent: an effortless sounding rock record that dips its toe into a variety of different styles without ever succumbing to any of them.

DEERS – Between Cans

artworks-000095182705-vzoqze-t500x500We’re getting that first snowfall over here in Ottawa, as much as we all dig that fresh snow, i’m feeling some surf pop from the warmth of Spain.

DEERS is a relatively new group, producing not the most spectacular sound, but a raw, uncooked, simple, addition to the sunny surf pop genre.  It’s this raw sound that makes it so damn catchy, no bells and whistles, just plain old fashioned.  They carry this theme to their videos which are exquisitely easy going, just showing a good time!



Flight Facilities – Hold Me Down



Flight Facilities recently (almost secretly) released their first full length studio album, and I was pretty stoked when I found out.  Bundled within this album were quite a few gems, including many of their classic singles such as Crave You. In this plethora of new was Hold Me Down a ball kicking jam that I haven’t been able to stop! The rest of the songs although good, haven’t seen the amount of listens as this tune – simply put that’s why I had to share this.  Spread the love you know? 


San Cisco – RUN




San Cisco released this one a while back and it snuck under my radar, but to be honest these misses are my guilty pleasure.  I think we all need a little bit of surf pop during fall.

Expect bigger and better things from this crew come 2015.